Our Keynote Speakers

Mag. Eva Schlotter

Managing Director
Stadtakademie (Think Tank) Austria
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Kevin Brownell

Partner (Intelligent Building)
PTS Consulting
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Michal Pasiar

President - BIM Association of Slovakia
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Farid Nakhli

Programme Coordinator
International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
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Leon Beuyukian

Founder & Managing Director
Novus Automation
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Marita Arabidze

Deputy Head of Energy Policy Department
Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia
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Matthias Hitzel

Managing Director
MACS Energy & Water
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Johannes Laubach

Climate Change and Sustainability Specialist
MACS Energy & Water
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Mariam Javakhishvili

Principal Banker
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Andrey Zakharkiv

Regional Manager
Caucasus and Central Asia
Signify (Philips Lighting)
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Giorgi Abulashvili

Energy Efficiency Center of Georgia
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Event Overview

Now in its second edition, the Smart Building Conference 2021 will feature illuminating case-studies from a selection of leading industry experts and keynote speakers representing the world’s top technology companies, engineering and designing firms and consultancies working towards developing next generation infrastructure.

Attendees will hear about global smart building trends, new opportunities presented by emerging technology landscape and innovative solutions pushing the boundaries of architecture and building design.

Sessions in Discussion:

1. Smart Cities (Government and civic engagement , infrastructure, environment, smart transport & mobility, waste management & recycling)
2. Green Initiatives and Energy Efficiency (Retrofit, refurbishment, energy saving, carbon emission reduction, energy saving HVAC)
3. Design, Architecture and Engineering (Robotics and the influence of The Matrix in architecture, rethinking workplace design)
4. Technology and Digitalization (IoT, 5G, wireless, mobile applications, artificial intelligence, big data, BIM, 3D printing)

Who should attend?

• Urban planners and government officials
• Real estate developers
• Technology companies
• Architects and designers
• Smart building experts

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