Our Keynote Speakers

Maxim Polzikov

Partner & CEO
Ginza Project
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Antony Doucet

Brand Director
Kerten Hospitality International
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Elias Madbak

Director of Operations
RMAL Hospitality
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Stefan Breg

Group Strategy Director
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Andria Kurasbediani

General Manager
Restaurant Barbarestan
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Mariam Kvrivishvili

Head of the Administration
Georgian National Tourism Administration
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Tatiana Labaki

E25 Partner - Strategic Projects
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Guram Baghdoshvili

Chef and Owner
Restaurant Chveni
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H.E. Pascal Meunier

Ambassador of France to Georgia
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David Legrand

Executive Chef
Room’s Hotel
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George Sharashidze

Publisher & General Manager
Newspaper Georgia Today Ltd.
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Creative Director
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Event Overview

This inaugural, one-of-a-kind event in Georgia and the region gave local restaurateurs an incredible chance to meet and learn from the influential players of the restaurant industry in Europe. Our speakers have been audacious enough to disrupt the old-school business models and culinary traditions while attracting a big following in business trying to replicate their success.

Attendees gained fresh insights, hands-on advice, best-kept secrets and signature ingredients to running a successful restaurant in this highly competitive sector.

The conference covered a broad range of topics including the food and culinary, guest experience and technology, marketing and operations, data and analysis, restaurateur-chef relations and reservations technology, as well as investment strategies.

Actionable Takeaways:

• The restaurant of the future: trends, challenges and opportunities
• Embracing tech to create the next-generation customer experience
• Menu trends that may become mainstream
• Employees serving as brand ambassadors
• Fast food vs. casual dining: should I stay or should I go?
• Restaurant franchising
• The importance of design in restaurants in a digital era
• Chef perspective: How to run a more sustainable kitchen
• AI role in triggering customer behavior
• Tech talk: How virtual reality, gaming and analytics can engage the smartphone generation and boost customer experience
• How digital is transforming and disrupting the essence of bricks and mortar hospitality
• New marketing strategies
• Achieving customer satisfaction. Is brand loyalty a foregone myth?

Who Took Part?

• Restaurant owners and executives
• Franchise operators
• Chefs and managers
• Caterers and hoteliers
• Culinary college representatives
• Media and cookbook fans
• Food aficionados
• Consultants

The Main Beer of the Event

Main Partners

Media Partners

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