Our Keynote Speakers

Magdy Attalla

Regional Director
BHMS Business & Hotel Management School
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Ekaterina Volkova

Area Manager Georgia and Ukraine
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Tatiana Belova

Asscociate Director Russia
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Sergey Egorov

Director of Development Russia, CIS
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
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Alexis Delaroff

Chief Operating Office Russia, Georgia and CIS
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Regional Vice President Central & Eastern Europe
Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
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Filippo Sona

Managing Director-Global Hospitality
Drees & Sommer
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Alexis Feuillat

Director of Development Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, CIS & Baltics
InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG®)
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Florian Van der Bellen

Owner and Managing Director
Van der Bellen Unternehmensberatung e.U. International Business & Tourism Consulting
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Oleg Ulyansky

Digital Strategist Former Head of Digital and E-Commerce Azimut Hotels Group
AZIMUT Hotels Group
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Christopher Cox

Regional Director Central & Eastern Europe
Preferred Hotels & Resorts
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Eugène P. E. Staal

Penta Hotels Worldwide
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Bryan Bachrad

Senior Director for Global Partner Group
Expedia Group
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Rana Mukherji

Founder & CEO
Hotelier Coin
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Hussein Abdallah

Chief Operating Officer
Metro Global Pte Ltd (UAE)
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Blake Anderson-Buntz

General Director
Hospitality Management
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James Dilley

Director | Head of Hospitality and Interior Design
Jestico + Whiles
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Tsotne Ebralidze

Managing Director
Hospitality and Real Estate Georgian Co-Investment Fund
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Maia Tsereteli

McInerney Hospitality International Georgia LLC
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Yuriy Atamaniv

Senior Area Director
Hospitality & Retail Systems
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Following the success of the inaugural hotel management conference in the summer (June) of 2018 – based on past attendees’ positive feedback – the Center for Innovative Business Solutions hosted the 2nd annual conference

24 and 25 April 2019

Designed specifically for hotel and tourism industry leaders ranging from hoteliers, hotel owners and operators, scholars and technologists to vendors and travel agents, the event featured over 20 renowned and keynote speakers.
While exploring the investment landscape of the fast-growing Georgian hospitality and tourism sector, attendees addressed an array of carefully researched in close cooperation with industry experts, mind-extending topics focused on

• Technology trends changing travelers’ experience: AI, IoT, VR, Chatbots, Robot vs. Human
• Winning the hearts of travelers: is brand loyalty a foregone myth
• Optimizing profit through revenue management
• Design as a tool to enhance guest experience and create loyalty
• Digital marketing tools helping hotels win new customers … and many others

A wave of new hotel openings in Georgia has been steadily oscillating up during the last few years thanks to unprecedented growth of the number of international visitors to the country. What’s more, the hospitality industry is expected to maintain upward trend during the next decade making the country as emerging as one of the top tourist destinations of the world.


Summary Video - Event Highlights

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