Our Keynote Speakers

Gregor Veeser

Head of High-Rise Consulting
High-Rise Competence Center
ThyssenKrupp Aufzugswerke GmbH
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Martin Woolley

Developer Relations Manager, EMEA
Bluetooth SIG
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Ron Zimmer CAE

President & CEO
Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)
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Michelle M. Farrell

Head of Middle East; Head of Europe and Russia/CIS Division and Resellers
Integrated Environmental Solutions, Ltd.
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Tomi Teikko

Empathic Building Tieto
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Charles Blaschke IV

Founder and CEO
TAKA Solutions
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Ulrich Kreider

Area Sales Manager
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Fahmi Jabri

General Manager META
Honeywell Security
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Heinz J. Bernegger

Sustainable Building Council
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Adrian Meili

Senior Director Head Sales BD Middle East and Central Asia
Siemens Building Technologies
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Miroslav Iwachow

CEE Industrial Sector Technical Leader
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Harry Ibbs

Head of BIM and Workflows
Zaha Hadid Architects
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Event Overview

The Center for Innovative Business Solutions (C4IBS) was pleased to present the Smart Building Conference which took place in Tbilisi on the 22nd of November, 2018.

The conference aimed to uncover the latest technologies and innovative approaches adopted by industry trendsetter companies and professionals to build smart homes, smart offices and smart buildings as well as explore their influences on the development of cities and urban planning.

Focusing on specific markets in Central Asia and Caucasus, this forum convened C-suite executives of the industry’s leading local and international companies, real estate developers, startups, smart building experts, policy makers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, architects, designers and media outlets.

Key takeaways of this premier event were:

The event featured award-winning projects and renowned case-studies, offered attendees unique opportunities to benchmark with cutting-edge concepts and success stories while joining frank and forward-looking discussions about:

• Harnessing state-of-the-art technologies to increase construction productivity while boosting long-term financial returns to the consumers and developers
• The benefits of alternative building material
• What makes building truly intelligent
• Digitization of smart residences, workplaces and commercial buildings
• Smart building security
• Revitalizing urban environments
• Green initiatives and energy efficiency
• Improving livability of aging buildings and infrastructure

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Summary Video - Event Highlights

Interview with Martin Woolley

Event Photo Gallery

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